September birthstone: Sapphire


With the arrival of September brings a change in seasons as we begin to welcome autumn and all the vibrant colour it presents.

If you know someone celebrating their birthday in September a special piece of bespoke jewellery could make for the perfect surprise gift, whether they are a close friend, family member or possibly even an engagement ring for that special someone.

One of our specialities at ASR Gems are precious gemstones and this month we are celebrating sapphires as the September birthstone!

Deriving from the Greek word for blue, sapphires are highly regarded as the ultimate blue gemstone. Mined in locations around the world, some of the most valuable sapphires have been discovered in Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka. With a rich history of meaning, since the Medieval era, it was believed that sapphires had the ability to help protect your loved ones and represent loyalty & trust.

Greatly prized by ancient rulers and royalty throughout history, sapphires are a popular gemstone seen in priceless regalia. As far back as 800BC we have records of the rulers of ancient Persia holding sapphires in high regard, believing that the colour of the sky was blue because of sapphires reflecting upon it.

Those who believe in the healing properties of gemstones consider sapphires to have the ability to calm those suffering from stress and anxiety. The gem is also considered to provide strength to anyone trying looking to overcome an obstacle or blockage in their life.

By many, purer blue sapphires are considered to be more valuable. However, these precious gems come in all shades of blue and a range of other colours, including yellow, orange and pink. However, the rarest of all are Padparadscha sapphires, in a shade of orange/pink, this sapphire derives its name from ancient Indian word ‘Sanskirt’, describing the colour of the tropical lotus flower.

Some of the most famous sapphires in the world include the Stuart Sapphire, forming part of the British Crown Jewels. This 104-carat oval sapphire originally belonged to Charles II and is currently positioned on the crown worn by Queen Elizabeth II.

However, one of the largest in the world is the 422.99-carat faceted Logan Sapphire, belonging to the Smithsonian Institute, located in the United States.

A sapphire that we are all familiar with, having seen countless images of it across the media in recent years is the engagement ring of the Duchess of Cambridge. Originally the engagement ring of Lady Diana Spencer, the 12-carot oval blue Ceylon sapphire is surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds and is set in 18-karat white gold.

For those who are lucky to call this beautiful gem their birthstone, September is the perfect time to surprise them with a beautifully designed piece of sapphire jewellery.

At ASR Gems, we are experienced in designing bespoke pieces of jewellery and engagement rings featuring sapphires in all colours, to suit your style and personality. If you would like to learn more about our jewellery collection or visit us for a free bespoke jewellery design consultation, get in touch with us on 0207 183 2977 or email us at

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