Bespoke Wedding Rings

Are you looking for bespoke rings? If so, we are one of the most specialised artisans in as far as handmade bespoke rings are concerned. We make various custom made rings in the UK, and our experience in this field is more than 30 years. Therefore, we have what it takes to make your wedding a memorable day with our wedding rings.

Custom made wedding rings

Out there, there are a huge number of wedding rings, and it can be a daunting exercise to find one that fits you. That is why custom made wedding rings are the best bet. Our goldsmiths work with customer's requirements to come up with the right ring that meets the customer's expectations. All you need to do is contact us, and you will not have anything like "almost perfect" ring but a "perfect ring."

What are our services?

Customised Wedding Rings

•    Help you design your bespoke wedding ring

Once you come for a free consultation, you will directly deal with one of the goldsmiths from our workshop. Since we have decades of experience in this field, our experts will gently lead you through the entire designing process. Besides, they will incorporate all your creativity to come up with a unique ring. 

Some clients come to us with a rough idea, others with a vague idea, while others know exactly what they want. So don't be afraid, you are not the only one, and we have what it takes to design a top-notch ring. 

•    Choosing the right ring

In addition to designing a wedding ring, we also have a huge selection of bespoke wedding ring in our workshop. These are for those customers that need quick solutions, in other words, readymade rings. However, some customers will find it difficult to choose the best ring. This is where our experts come in and try to make things easier for you. They will listen to your preferences and then provide you with the best advice and piece. Remember, all these designs are made in our workshop. 

•    Bespoke platinum wedding rings

Are you one of the fans of platinum? Here is your taste. We create wedding rings from platinum metal. Majority of these rings are of the plain while others are complex in terms of design. In most cases, we combine platinum with various metals such as yellow gold or red gold to come up with a luminous platinum wedding ring. 

•    Bespoke palladium wedding ring

At the moment, palladium is one of the popular choices for various wedding rings. This is because the component is not that expensive as compared to other components that make wedding rings. Therefore, if you're working on a tiny budget, our goldsmith will help design an appealing palladium wedding ring.

•    Engraved wedding ring

Our goldsmiths are conversant with multiple engraved patterns. They do both the inside and outside pattern engravings. If you prefer either, your expectation will be in the right hands if you consider us. 

•    Unique handmade wedding 

We are both the makers and retailers; our prices can be compared with those of high-end ring sellers. Besides, our weight, design, and material are similar to the high-end sellers. Whether your taste is the contemporary wedding ring, traditional plain bands, or unusual handmade rings, we are the one-stop-shopping centre when it comes to rings. 


•    Can I make my wedding ring?

Instead of pickling a produced ring from the high-end jeweller, you should visit the bespoke jeweller workshop and give your requirements and preferences. If you choose us, you will be offered a free design consultation. You will meet with one of our craftsmen, and the two of you will come up with the perfect ring by sharing the ideas. 

•    Where can I find a wedding ring that supplements my engagement ring?

Ideally finding a wedding ring that complements an engagement ring is a difficult task. However, if you choose us, the chances of having a wedding ring that compliments your engagement ring are very high. Our experts tend to incorporate all the customers' requirements when designing the ring. Therefore, they can make a ring that is similar to your engagement ring. 

•    How can one commission a bespoke wedding ring?

For you to commission a bespoke wedding ring, it's advisable to directly speak to a skilled goldsmith. With us, we have plenty of skilled goldsmiths, and their primary role is to discover the customer's exact requirements. They will ask you lots of questions to have a clear picture of what you want. 

If you happen to have an engagement ring, our designers will have to see and if possible, take measurements to produce a ring that has similar features. They will offer you professional advice to make an informed decision. If you decide to work with us, there's no obligation, all you need is to give us a 25% deposit.

•    Which is the best metal for wedding rings?

There multiple things that you need to consider before you settle on a particular metal. For instance, if you prefer gold, there are three choices, 9ct, 18ct, and 22ct. These numbers denote the number of parts that have purr gold on a scale of 24. Therefore, 22ct is the purest and above all the softest. The gold is rich in terms of colour, but canno9t be recommended to active lifestyle people such as manual jobs. 

On the other hand, 9ct is rated at the pureness of 9 on the scale of 24; it has a paler colour because it's rich in copper and silver. Lastly, it's 18ct is the most recommended by good jewellers. It's rich in yellow colour and can withstand daily activities. 

The other best metal for rings is platinum. This is because platinum is naturally white; hence it does not need rhodium plating like the other metals. It's tough and hardy, meaning one can wear without minding the damages of daily activities. The other metals are palladium and titanium; it always depends on the customers' requirements and budget.

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