Jewellery is a precious gift. It makes the recipient know you value them plenty, but if you want to make them feel truly special, gift them bespoke jewellery.No present says “You’re special” more than bespoke gemstones jewellery pieces. Add a hint of a memory you both cherish or a design feature they love, and you have a bespoke jewellery piece that they will treasure forever. At ASR Gems, we offer you a truly bespoke jewellery service that is rooted in our long tradition of superior craftsmanship and delivering all of your custom design requirements. Together, we can combine your imagination and our impeccable skill to produce fine pieces of bespoke gemstones jewellery that will dazzle the people to whom you give them.


You will be served by one of our experienced design advisors who will guide you through the commission process as well as advise you on design ideas. Whether you want a one-off piece of statement jewellery – such as a bespoke engagement ring – or a classical, limited edition personalised piece, your advisor will help you build exactly what you want. We will give you access to our complete catalogue of previously completely custom jewellery designs in case you need some inspiration. You also get to choose from our collection of exquisite gemstones and diamonds to make your bespoke jewellery truly special.


We believe luxury does not need to come with a sky-high price tag. We care about giving you the most value out of your bespoke design whilst sourcing the finest gemstones and precious metals available. We are proud to offer the best possible prices for our custom design service. If you have unwanted gold, we can re-purpose it for you at no additional cost as part of your bespoke jewellery design, making your piece more personal and all the more affordable.

  • We have an in-house workshop where experienced workers bring your bespoke jewellery to life.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty for our gold, precious metals, and gemstones.
  • We offer you a fully personalised jewellery design experience where you will choose the budget and put together the design you like with our expert help.
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