Our guide to engagement ring styles and settings

Popping the question to your other half isn’t easy but neither is choosing the perfect engagement ring. If your partner knows exactly what style of engagement ring they want but you cannot tell the difference between a Halo setting and an Art Deco style ring, don’t panic! Here at ASR Gems we are experts when it comes to selecting the right engagement ring for your partner and to get your started we have put together a short guide to engagement ring styles and settings.

Classic styles – To ease you in gently, let’s start with the classic engagement ring styles and the ones you are most likely to be familiar with.

Two of the most popular engagement ring styles include solitaire and three/four stone settings. Other styles such as halo, cluster and twist are also crowd pleasers. One of the best thing about telling these rings apart? The names a pretty self-explanatory.

If you want to mix things up slightly, you could always go for a coloured stone setting with sapphires or perhaps a bombe style ring with a raised dome setting.
If you don’t want the stones to be set in prongs, a bezel setting might be the option for you or to add an extra touch of bling why not consider a pavé ring with additional diamonds encrusted around the band.
Vintage styles – If your other half is in love with everything vintage, a ring inspired by another era is a wonderful choice. Let’s start at the beginning to give you a quick crash
course in popular vintage inspired engagement ring settings.
Baroque – A style from the 18 th century that is ornate and normally features a gold setting with uneven stones

Acrostic – Dating from the romantic era these rings include coloured stones set in the style of a traditional eternity ring that spell out a word. Now that’s what we call romantic!

Art Nouveau – The most stylised jewellery dating from 1890 – 1900, this type engagement ring setting celebrates the creative arts, featuring designs inspired by nature.

Edwardian – A short-lived era from 1901 – 1910 but no-less spectacular. Edwardian rings feature oval, bombe and cluster settings, often with coloured stones.

Victorian – During the latter half of the 19 th century, engagement rings of the Victorians were ornate and absolutely fabulous!

Art Deco – During the twenties and thirties engagement rings featured geometric and fan shaped designs with baguette cut stones.

Retro – Spanning right across the 40s, 50s 60s & 70s, retro engagement rings come in all different shapes and sizes, many of which were inspired by more traditional styles

Contemporary styles

In recent times, minimalist & etched designs are becoming increasingly popular with thin bands featuring etching and often smaller stones.

If you are looking for something completely different some new and creative settings include shaped bands and modern clusters featuring multiple coloured stones in an uneven setting.


Of course, if none of these styles are exactly what you are looking for, you could always consider a custom design, to ensure your fiancé has a completely unique engagement ring.

At ASR Gems bespoke engagement rings are our speciality and our team of experienced designers are on hand to discuss your requirements and help you to create a one of kind ring. To book your free consultation, get in touch with us on 0207 183 2977 or email us at email@asrgems.com

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